The reservation is valid only after payment of 30 % of the entire sum , titled as payment in advanced within and not beyond one week after the verbal agreement. The contract is registered under/in the tenant’s name and cannot be transferred to others. The lease price includes the leasing of the house, the costs for water, light and gas.

Mode of Payment

The entire amount of money must be paid on arrival.

The requested and booked reservation-period must always be paid entirely, even though the renters delay or depart earlier.


To get the keys a deposit of €150, 00 must be paid.

The deposit will be returned at the departure, after a previous inspection of the furnishings. In case of damage the amount that covers the costs will be retained.


The apartments are allocated from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and must be left by

9:00 a.m. on the arranged day. It’s not allowed to accommodate more people in the apartment than laid down in the contract. If there are found more people in the apartment than laid down in the contract, either the one responsible for the apartment will have to pay for the additional bed or the respective persons will have to leave the apartment.

Guests are not admitted within the residence.

The clients are responsible for the declaration of the people present according to the standards of public security. The identity cards of all persons must be handed in. Animals are not allowed.


When allocated the apartment is clean and in order. The customers have to provide the sponges and the cleaning agents themselves. It’s obligatory to leave the apartment in order. The kitchen and the stove must always be in perfect order.

Who acts against the rules, has to pay €25, 00 in addition to the final cleaning costs.


The minimum accommodation is 1 week.

All apartments guarantee the presence of stoves with 4 fire places, cold and warm water, dishes according to the number of residents, pots, and cutlery. There are no cloths (table cloth and dish cloth) in the kitchens. Electricity is limited (normally not more than 3 KW). You are requested for a little bit of attention and patience. The costs for electricity depends on the consume of the clients.